How to Organize your Linen Closet

How to Organize your Linen Closet

Linen closets can become an avalanche fairy quickly- we know! Here's a step-by-step way to help get those towels and sheets in order!

1. Empty the closet. Organize items by type, we suggest:

Bedding By size:

Queen bedding (Fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow shams all kept inside one pillowsham.

Twin bedding (Fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow shams all kept inside one pillowsham.

Towels by size:

• Bath Sheet

• Bath Towel

• Hand towels

2. Fold like items the SAME way. This way, when they are stacked, they sit evenly and are less likely to tip over.

Many people struggle with common conundrum of "How to fold a fitted sheet?" We made this handy instructional video to show you how! 

So all bath towels, I fold into eighths (In half, in half, in half) so they all stack and end up the same size. Its obvious when someone folds it in thirds, and then the stack falls over. (yikes!) Here's another handy video on 3 ways to fold towels:


3. Decide the most logical location for each item. 

Which items are accessed most often? Which items are needed least often? Put your most used items on shelves closest to you. For us, its our bath towels. Sheets sets are the two shelves above (twin/queen respectively) and the hand towels and face cloths go on a lower shelf, with table cloths on the lowest shelf. Ask your other family members what their needs are- if you have kids, you make need to put the twin sheets sets on a lower shelf for quick middle-of-the night changes. (Hopefully, you're past that!)

Above example by They used metal label holders for a nice finished (and interchangeable) look.

4. Label it!

How will your family members know which sheet set to use without pulling out (and un-folding) sheet sets? Labels, my friend. Labels. Use a label maker, masking tape to clearly mark each shelf. In our case we have these handy Linen Storage bins that come with label holders and pre-printed labels to make organizing a snap!


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