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Bandana Tortilla Warmer

Bandana Tortilla Warmer

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With a table full of hungry people, Taco Night can be stressful. Our new Bandana Tortilla Warmer removes the guesswork by keeping tortillas warm and ready until you are. Upgrade your kitchen with our beautiful and functional 12-inch warmer that fits all sizes of tortillas and flatbreads. 


  • Fully Insulated -- Our Bandana Tortilla Warmer is the ultimate taco night accessory. Our warmer is crafted with an insulated cotton core that guarantees warm tortillas for any occasion. 
  • Easy Serving, Ready When You Are -- Our 12-inch design fits all sizes of tortillas and flatbreads. Taco assembly can be stressful with a table full of hungry people, but our tortilla warmer removes the guesswork by keeping tortillas warm and ready until you are.
  • 100% Machine Washable -- Assemble tacos without worry about oil, salsa, and guacamole spills! Simply machine wash and line dry our warmer and you're ready for your next fiesta!
  • Ready For Microwave Use -- If there’s no time to heat tortillas on the stove, simply pop them in the microwave inside our warmer for fluffy, thoroughly heated tortillas.
  • Taco Tuesday Ready -- While any night can be taco night, Taco Tuesday gets a boost with our Bandana Tortilla Warmer. Our Bandana Tortilla Warmer pairs well with our Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set and Taco Tray. Turn your kitchen into the ultimate restaurant experience.
  • Dimensions -- 12" round.
  • Designed by GUS in California
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