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Collapsible Sweater Bins for Organized Closet Storage - Blue

Collapsible Sweater Bins for Organized Closet Storage - Blue

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Fall back in love with your closet with our Sweater Bins by GUS. Neatly stack sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, linens and towels in our multifunctional premier storage bins. Durable and attractive, our storage bins make it easy to keep your closet organized and clutter free. Crafted from extremely sturdy fiberboard covered by 600 denier polyester, our storage bins are designed to last. Featuring a collapsible front lid that is held in place by extra strong velcro, our storage bins make it simple to get an item from the bottom of the stack. Now, that's a feature you won't find in any other storage bin on the market! Most manufacturers save money by just having a cloth bottom to their bins. Ours is made of sturdy fiberboard, so there will never be any sagging. Simply said, our bins are made to last.

As Featured in Better Homes and Garden 


  • Functional Closet Organizer Solution -- How many times do you go to your closet and the one item you need is at the bottom of the stack? Avoid a tumbling tower of clothes with our Sweater Bins. Our front flap folds down so you can slide out a desired item without the whole stack of clothes falling down. The durable and sturdy panels of our storage bin is the best way to keep your carefully stacked clothes in solid folded towers.
  • Say Goodbye to Falling Stacks Of Clothes -- Tired of folding stacks of clothes just to have them fall over? Our Sweater Bins are the perfect closet makeover to stop messy closets from happening. 
  • Customize Your Closet -- Some people like to keep their clothes together by item, some by color, and some by type. Our Sweater Bins come with a complete set of pre-printable tags that fit nicely in the label window on the front flap. Or, simply flip them over and write your own!
  • 100% 600 Denier Polyester Canvas -- Our bin is crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure your closet looks good. This organizing bin will change your closet from messy stacks of clothes to neatly folded, organized tiers. 
  • Dimensions -- 13.5" W x 15.5" D x 12.5" H.  
  • Designed by GUS in California

These storage bins have been a favorite of our customers for years. From the master bedroom to the linen closet to the playroom, they're ready to go to work for you.

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