About Us




Great Useful Stuff is a boutique-style online retailer based out of Sonoma.  With a refined selection of home and lifestyle products that all feature a stylish aesthetic, ultimate functionality, and universal application, GUS has the solutions for every modern household's needs. Our products can also be found in hotels nationwide. Our products follow a simple set of criteria:  if it's great, if it's useful--it's got to be GUS.

GUS prides itself on solving problems through design. We design our products in-house. We personally visit our workshops and work directly with our carpenters and sewers to maximize both efficiency and quality. We research, test, and refine designs to make your life better. 

Quick Facts:

Founded in 2010 by Jeffrey Block
More than 300 unique products made exclusively by Great Useful Stuff
Products featured in Real Simple, Gizmodo, CBS Early Show, Good Housekeeping, and more!