5 Clever tips for an EASIER morning:

5 Clever tips for an EASIER morning:

We know mornings can be tough. These 5 simple tips will jumpstart your day so you can be at 100% when you arrive at the office(or school), ON TIME. 

outfit layed out for work

Lay out your clothes:

Pick them out (find those matching accessories) and steam your dress shirt ahead of time. In the morning you won't have to think or hunt for matching items- it will done for you!  Consider a capsule wardrobe: 15 key pieces for 40 outfits you can rotate on a monthly basis. Check it out here.

programmable coffee machine

 Ever make coffee, but end up with water?

Because you forgot to put the grounds in?? [Raises hand] Make coffee automatically-fill in water and ground the night before and set the timer so its hot and ready for you when you wake up. We love our Bella 12 cup Programmable. Seriously this is a lifesaver. If your alarm doesn't get you out of bed, the aroma will!


power hub  sitting on nightstand charging phone

Charged and ready to roll!

Make sure devices are charged while you sleep. Nothing worse than the starting the day with zero battery! Get a Power Hub or charging station that has enough outlets for all your devices AND acts as a surge protector! This one in eco-friendly bamboo looks nice as well!

    breakfast tray in fridge

    Set up a breakfast station:

    in your fridge: bagels, jams, cream cheese all on a tray so people aren’t interrupting you with “Where’s the peanut butter?” Boil eggs once a week. I use my instant pot and have the easy-peel eggs at the ready. If I’m really on my game, I’ll peel them too!

      hard boiled eggs

      entry way organization

      • Set up a designated “TO GO” area or hook by the door for outgoing items: mail, library books, shopping bags, etc.

      Happy morning to you!

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