A Laundry Room to love laundry

A Laundry Room to love laundry

“Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel but that would only mean more laundry for me.”

“Laundry is the real Neverending Story.”


A more modern laundry room- tasteful baskets add warmth and function to keep items together and folded.

We love the antique washboard accent, and also the functionality of the space! A rod for hanging shirts, counter for folding, and lower storage in finely crafted baskets. Image credit: Cottage Home Furniture.

clean and organized laundry room

Check out this full-on laundry station complete with Stain Kit and Cleaning Kit! We like how they've made the most of a small space! The three baskets match the lower tray basket, and the glassware elevates the space while also being clear (*haha*, pun intended) on whats inside. 


organized laundry room



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