Back-to-College Dorm Favorites

Back-to-College Dorm Favorites

University doors are opening nationwide: are you ready? Small spaces are in need of smart solutions, and we have a a few!

We went to college, shared rooms, and now have kids who share rooms. So we know space is a premium and we need to be smart on how we use it! One Airbnb I stayed in Hong Kong, I asked, "Where's the sink?" in the bathroom. And my host replies, "Its behind the door," and in that 3" gap there was the tiniest little sink just big enough to wash my hands. (Hong Kong knows how to maximize space!) So we're taking notes and suggestions for some clever space saving solutions. Enjoy!

smart pen

Need to take notes on how to take notes? Check out Livescribe's smart pens: They record audio and link it to the IRL handwritten notes/diagrams you take. It requires special paper with dots on it, which allows you to digitally search for a handwritten word on say, an organic chemistry drawing.


1. Sweater Bin with Secret Jewelry Storage. Keeps your clothes in neat folded stacks AND hides your precious gems from roomies borrowing it. Once the front flap secures shut, no one is the wiser! And it saves you from bringing a separate jewelry box (which takes up space). Think vertical, ladies. $50

multi charging station great useful stuff with chevron and cord organizer

2. Chevron Multi Charging Station. Make the most of your desktop with this organizer that also charges and organizes your cords. Can also charge your Smart Watch, Fit Bit, Head phones. Comes in 10+ styles. $30

Hanging BOot organizer and 4 shelf organizer with label holder.

3. Hanging Boot Organizer. Here's a no brainer to store your boots in your closet instead of.... the floor? Elastic straps hold boots to top of compartment. Comes in Ecru, Navy, Olive. $10

4. NO SAG 4 Shelf Closet Organizer with pull-open front flap which keep in small accessories and also hold a label. Comes in Navy, Olive. $10


Wall charger for 3 phones and tablet hangs

5. Wall Charging Station. Great for the upper bunk, behind doors or any room where there is plenty of wall! Can charge 4 items and has a pocket on back for power strip. Come sin Olive or Black. $28

Mesh Hamper

6. Over-The-Door Hamper. This bag hangs on the back of your door, shoulder tote, and dumps directly into the washing machine. Comes in 3 different colors: Aqua, Gray, Black. $23

packing list

Overwhelmed by all the College products? Never fear, College Packing has you covered with their pre-made shopping list.


What are your favorite back-to-college items?

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I find difficulties in managing my dorm students to tidy their stuff. What are the best solition to make it more simple. They usually hard to tidy their clothes and their plates. Please help me.


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