Best Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day

Best Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up! We hope this April 22 you are spending time outdoors really soaking up nature. We suggest going for a walk, a hike, a run, a bike ride, anything that makes you feel connected to the earth!

Here at GUS, we love making products that are eco-friendly. Whatever type of Earth Day person you are, we have a great product for you!

For the Recycler: Check out our set of two Reusable Recycle Bags for Home or Garden. They are sturdy, attractive, washable, and made to be used again and again. The heavy-duty construction ensures that the bags will stay open and upright when tossing away cans, bottles, or lawn clippings. Also make sure you don’t miss our Dual Waste/Recycle Bin! Our Bins make it easy to recycle with the built-in and removable recyclable insert. The Bins are designed to look great in any home office, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. 

For the Wine Lover: If you love a glass of wine on the patio, make sure to check out our Eco-Friendly Reusable Wine Bags. This set of EIGHT bags is affordable and designed to last. Better than paper, our water-resistant and reusable wine bags won't break from cold wine and spirit bottles. We also love our Bamboo Coasters with Chalkboard Labels. Crafted from durable eco-friendly bamboo, they match virtually any home decor and add a little luxury to any happy hour or cocktail party. Their chalkboard label helps guests keep track of which drink is theirs.

For the Person Who Prefers to Observe Earth Day Inside: Finally, we know not everyone enjoys the great outdoors. If you’re more of an indoor person, we’ve got some great products for you! Make sure to check out our Eco-Friendly Charging Collection. All crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this collection is the perfect way to charge all your devices in a sleek and contemporary way. Whether it’s the Bamboo Phone Dock, Bamboo Tablet Dock, Bamboo Laptop Dock, or all three, we know you will love these!


How are you celebrating Earth Day? Leave a comment below!

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