Great Summer Food Products

Great Summer Food Products

Happy August! Summer is in full swing. Here are the three best products for your next Taco Tuesday, girls night, or family dinner.

For the Taco Lovers — Everybody knows how frustrating it is to have a taco fall apart in their hands. Get rid of that problem with our Bamboo Taco Tray. This stylish, eco-friendly taco tray serves six tacos at a time, perfectly upright. This ensures that the tacos make it to the table and everybody is happy with their bellies full.

For the Girls Night — Whether it's planned or not, a charcuterie board sets up the perfect start to a great evening. Our Appetizer Flex Tray allows for four different compartments and a bottle of wine to craft your perfect combination of cheese, crackers, and other finger foods. 

For the Chef of the House — You can stop trying to prop up your iPad or scrambling to catch it as it slides off the counter. Reading a recipe has never been easier with our Bamboo iPad Recipe Dock and Holder. This iPad holder ensures that your iPad will stay charged and upright so you don't miss a step.

What’s your go-to summer food product? Leave a comment below.

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