Maximize your pantry storage!

Maximize your pantry storage!



Step by step:

1. Measure depth of your cabinet and desired height. Now you can order your lazy susan and riser accordingly. We had a tall cabinet- so 5.5-6" riser worked for us. (links below)

2. Empty contents of cabinet and wipe cabinet down, add shelf paper.

3. Discard expired items, and consolidate doubles. 

4. Organize your items by size, then, in each size group by frequency of use. There is a delicate balance between practicality and usability here. I only use nutmeg once a year, and its so short it would easily get lost....and then I would buy another nutmeg (expensive). 

5. Put tallest items in the back. and most used items in front. On your lazy susan, put least used items (Brown gravy mix for us) in the center, and most used items on outside: Chili powder, pepper, and garlic powder. (yum!)

Job well done!

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