Our all time best Before & Afters!

Our all time best Before & Afters!

Check our some of our favorite before and afters: daily problems that we designed solutions for!



1. The Original Multi Charging Station™

Organizes unruly cords and provides a safe streamlined location to charge your laptop, tablet, eReader, phones, fitbits, and smart devices. Elastic bands are unfussy and magnets hold it secure in an uncomplicated way. I love that it has a tiny footprint and I can access any device without toppling a stack of stuff!

before and after messy desk charging station


2. Brushed Cotton Linen Closet Storage Collection

These are great for preventing sweater avalanches! They organize your folded stack of shirts, pants, and sweaters, with an easy open LABELED flap-door to access the items on the bottom. 

organized closet

3. Travel Media Pouch

This is one of our must-haves for flying (with kids). We store all adapters and cords in this pouch which also has a padded pocket for a iPad mini or 7-8" form factor tablet/eReader. A clever loop on the top allows it to hang on the back of the seat for quick, secure access to your belongings. Never forget a device or cord again in the seat back pocket! 7 compartments also can hold your phone- because putting in your pocket sitting down is.... awkward. A small zipper pocket holds sim cards, ear buds and smallest of accessories. 


4. 2-Sided Cord Pouch

22 Elastic loops securely hold adapters and cords on two sides. The see-through window son each side make it easy to identify what you are looking for, and optional label holders also help keep your technology accessories organized and sorted.

desk organized before and after

4. Bathroom: Hair Styling Station + Hair Tool Travel Roll Organizer 

Having fabulous hair requires lots of tools and equipment, so get the perfect beauty tool organizer to guarantee that you will never have another bad hair day again! Our brand new Bamboo Hair Styling Station conveniently holds all essential hair styling tools while hiding those unsightly cords.

5. Cable Cubby

This Cable Cubby solves all your cord chaos by neatly hiding unattractive power strips, adapters, and excess cord length from piling up on your floors or cluttering your desk. Weave all wires through the three mouse holes in the back of the unit to charge or power any electronic devices--from computers and routers to lamps and printers. 

before image of media center organization



6. Hanging Boot Organizer

There are plenty of shoe organizers on the market but what about your boots? With room for 3 pairs of your favorite boots, our 3 shelf Hanging Boot Cubby attaches to your closet rod easily and securely

boot closet organizer before & after

7. Cord Corral Organizer

The Cord Corral is the ultimate in cord and cable organization. This sturdy compact unit has 6 easily removable magnetic spools which excess cord can be wound around, as well as room for a powerstrip at the bottom to deliver power to all your devices. Just plug in the lone powerstrip which exits the side of the Cord Corral, plug in the devices of your choice, and forget about that messy tangle of cords you used to have.

under desk organization cords charging power strip

8. Linen Closet Storage Bins

You've taken the time to wash and fold your linens, but storing them is a mess! You end up shoving them where you can and some fall on the floor, ruining all your work… Well not anymore, thanks to our handy, 100% brushed cotton storage units! With 3 convenient sizes to fit your washcloths, towels, pillowcases, and sheets, your linen woes are over. The front panels Velcro open for easy access, and the storage units fold flat when not in use. Use our preprinted labels or turn them over to customize and keep everything organized just the way you want it! 

Small - 8.25" W x 15" D  x 12.5" H. Great for washcloths, pillowcases, hand towels

Medium - 13" W x 15" D x 12.5" H. Great for bath towels, sheet sets, blankets

Large -- 17" W X 15" D X 12.5" H . Great for quilts, comforters, bath sheets


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