Our Best Kept Secrets

Our Best Kept Secrets

Here at Great Useful Stuff, we know that keeping your stuff safe and hidden is important. Whether it’s hiding expensive products, disguising travel essentials, or stashing pesky cords, we’ve got you covered! 

Hiding The Expensive Stuff: You spend a lot of money on your clothes and jewelry, so why not store them in a beautiful organizer that ensures organization and safety? Our Sweater Bin with a Secret Jewelry Drawer is the ultimate 2-in-1 organizer. It organizes your clothes into beautiful stacks of neatly folded items, while also featuring a secret drawer for your valuables.

Disguising The Travel Stuff: This bandana has a secret - it protects and organizes your jewelry and travel essentials! Our Travel “Bandana” Jewelry Hideaway has outer bandana fabric that prevents detection of your jewelry stash by camouflaging itself among your other items. Simply secure your jewelry inside, fold into a square, and your jewelry suddenly looks like a folded bandana. It can also double as a hidden home storage pouch that works in a drawer or closet warding off anyone looking without permission.

Stashing The Charging Stuff: Our Hair Styling Station and Organizer has a variety of functions. Of course it is a perfect spot for all your hair accessories, but did you know that the first tier compartment of the station can serve as a hiding spot for a power strip? The compartment turns a tangle of cords into a clean countertop and can also be used to organize your hair products and free up some bathroom space!

What’s your favorite way to conceal your valuables and cords?

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