Pro Tip: What to do with all that Halloween candy?

  Halloween is now over and you've got 100+ pieces of candy in your house! What to do with it all? Here's a few ideas: 

1. A creative challenge to built a gingerbread house or city. One of my friends' family has a tradition to build a gingerbread city every year with a theme. The m&ms become roof tiles, 3 Muskateers become a chimney, York patties are wheels. 

2. Candy sorting game: "Separation Anxiety"


3. Dots/gumdrops Building STEM challenge.

4. 25 Candy Science experiments: By the Science Kiddo

"Make" white skittles, Does it sink or float? (Learning about density), Which Weighs more?. 


5. Make Trains, cars and other things with your wrapped candy and give it away at Thanksgiving!


Thanks for tuning in for Tip #4 in our Pro-Tip series! 

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