Pro tip: No more rotten food with this hack

Pro tip: No more rotten food with this hack

We've all been there. Rotten pieces of something unidentifiable in the back on the fridge, because no one saw it. Eliminate rotten things and access that far back corner with a lazy susan! A quick spin allows you to easily see your sauce collection, available beers, or other items. No more digging and removing half your fridge contents to access your A1 steak sauce. Great for the baby food jars, individual yogurts, fruit, sauces and assortment of beverages. (Because whats worst than seeing the craft brew but not being able to get it out from under neath the pizza box on top of everything??)

How to keep nasty bacteria out of your fridge. (Link)

Guide to storing food in the RIGHT PLACE (link)

Cleaning out your fridge by One Good Thing

• Above artwork courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

• And for you curious onlookers who'd rather procrastinate instead of clean and organize your fridge:  What's in fridges around the world!





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