Save Time Grocery Shopping with these apps!

Save Time Grocery Shopping with these apps!

Save time grocery shopping! Order and deliver, or pickup to save time running around a large grocery store hunting for items out-of-stock, waiting in lines, or having your kids make a scene. 

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We’ve made you a cheatsheet to save time on deciding what shopping services are the right fit for you. In my home, I’m a big fan of drive-up shopping at Target- saves me easily 1 hour of schlepping 2 kids around the store! You just type in your grocery list, and boom- its in your [virtual] cart. And when we all had the flu- Instacart delivers to our doorstep same-day! What a life saver! Plus, if you’re stocking up- those shopping carts get HEAVY. The Walmart employee who rolled out my 9 bags of groceries told me their regular customers order about 3 carts worth (25+ bags) of groceries! And its all collected, bagged and loaded into your car for NO EXTRA charge. Its a no brainer. Alternatively, Thrive market, has one of the lowest membership fees ($59) which also includes a lifetime membership to a low-income family. They carry organic items at 50% the cost of other retailers, but it does require planning ahead. I’ve personally used about half of these services. So here’s my roundup:

For Fastest delivery: Instacart (You do not need to be home- just leave them a note)

For Organic shoppers: Prime now (whole foods) or Thrive

For buying in bulk: Walmart Pick up

For Free delivery: Google Express (Want to buy a piece of furniture from Target and have it delivered to your door? Bingo!)

Happy grocery shopping!



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