The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day!

The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner — May 9! Have you found the perfect gift for your mom yet? If you’re still scrambling to come up with something, here are three of our favorite gifts for mom.

For the Tech Enthusiast: Allow mom to consolidate charging with this small and sleek solution. By holding two cell phones vertically, our Compact Charging Station allows messages to be read while phones are charging - so mom will never miss another call from you again!


For the Ultimate Shopper: Mom can keep all her gift certificates, gift cards, and receipts in one place with our Receipt, Coupon, And Gift Card Organizer! This compact organizer has separate labeled compartments to store important receipts, gift certificates, and up to eight gift cards. She won’t have to search high and low when she needs to return things or wonder how much is left on that gift card! 


For the Jewelry Lover: Beautifully compact, our Floating Bamboo Jewelry Tree and Organizer holds all of your mom’s favorite pieces - from earrings and necklaces, to bracelets and more. We've custom cut six durable acrylic slides that accommodate different types of jewelry. One slide style is designed to hold earrings, another slide style for bracelets, and the third slide style keeps necklaces neatly untangled. It’s the perfect gift to keep mom organized.

For the Gardener: Why not have mom’s favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks playing while she’s gardening, crafting, or cleaning? Now she can with our Gardening Tote with Built-In Bluetooth Speaker! Mom’s regular activities will now be even more enjoyable with this super durable and roomy tote. It features a built-in wireless speaker with Bluetooth capabilities so she won’t have to carry around a separate speaker to enjoy her tunes or podcasts! 

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