Three Benefits of Laptop Stands

Three Benefits of Laptop Stands

With so many people working from home these days, our backs, eyes, and necks could all use a break. Staring at a screen for eight hours a day is taxing on many parts of our body and well being. Thankfully, there is a way to combat these feelings — a laptop stand! Here are three great benefits of laptop stands:


  1. Laptop Screen at Eye Level — If you are using your laptop on your desk, it’s likely the screen isn’t at eye level, causing neck pain. By using a laptop stand, your laptop is brought up to eye level so your neck can rest at a better angle. 
  2. Typing is Improved — While your laptop is propped up on the stand, you can connect a more ergonomic keyboard. The laptop won’t be too far away to see, and your wrists will be in a better position for comfort and typing.
  3. Prevents Overheating — If you work from your couch or any place that requires you to put your laptop directly in your lap, it may overhear and thus, slow down. A laptop stand helps to circulate more airflow and keep your laptop cool.


After reading these three benefits, if you decide you’re in the market for a laptop stand, you’re in luck! Our Laptop Stand and Organizer with Built-In Power Hub and Dry Erase Board (pictured above) is the best one on the market and helps with all three of these benefits.


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