Three Taco Tuesday Essentials!

Three Taco Tuesday Essentials!

Our Bamboo Taco Tray was recently featured in Real Simple’s 2021 Summer Gift Guide as a great gift for Hosts. Along with this, we LOVE using it for Taco Tuesday. This, along with a few other products, make the perfect beginning of the week celebration.

  1. Bamboo Taco Tray —  Our tray features six slots so you can easily serve six hard or soft shell tacos at a time. Hungry hands can serve themselves while you prep the next batch. Each taco slot is designed to keep the taco warm and all of its toppings inside.
  2. Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set — Our new portable Eco-Friendly Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set is the most inclusive tasting set on the market. Our set features six ceramic shot glasses, a bamboo serving tray with six slots for serving, a bamboo cutting board, and a ceramic knife. Our shot glasses are reusable and easily washable, allowing for multiple pours. 
  3. Bandana Tortilla Warmer — With a table full of hungry people, Taco Tuesday can be stressful. Our new Bandana Tortilla Warmer removes the guesswork by keeping tortillas warm and ready until you are. Our beautiful and functional 12” warmer fits all sizes of tortillas and flatbreads. 

Click here to purchase the entire Fiesta Collection!

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