Top 10 Home Office Accessories for Remote Workers

Top 10 Home Office Accessories for Remote Workers

While remote work has many benefits, such as flexibility and workflow creation, it also requires adjustments to maintain productivity. After all, 82% of remote workers work from home, indicating a need to spruce up their home offices.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay productive while working from home is by investing in the right accessories for your home office setup. From ergonomic furniture and great headphones to dual monitors and high-speed internet connections, several items can help make remote work more enjoyable.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the top ten must-have home office accessories for remote workers looking to set up shop. Keep reading to learn which essential tools can help create an optimal home office space for you.

How to Create a Great Home Office Environment

Creating a great home office environment can be a game changer for increasing productivity and enhancing overall well-being. However, this often includes more than simply looking for home office gadgets like laptop stands or cable organizers. It's also about investing in the right equipment.

Invest in an ergonomic, comfortable office chair. Ensure it feels comfortable and that you can adjust it to the height of your desk. Then, stock your space with everything you need to complete your job functions properly. This includes a great agenda, proper lighting, etc.

Also, make time for regular breaks from your screen and incorporate some movement into your work routine to stay energized throughout the day. Having the right home office accessories won’t help much if you don’t care for your physical and mental health.

Best Home Office Accessories

Ultimately, the best home office accessories depend on your job and daily tasks. However, regardless of your work, here are ten great office accessories to invest in.

1. Laptop Stand

Most remote workers use a laptop stand to prop their laptop up so it's at eye level. However, you can enhance your home office setup if you get one with added features, such as a built-in power hub. 

For example, our versatile laptop stand charges up to five devices simultaneously using just one wall outlet. Moreover, the innovative design is available in two elegant finishes: bamboo or walnut veneer.

2. Charging Station

Imagine your workspace becoming clutter-free with a power hub that effortlessly caters to all your charging needs, ensuring your devices are always charged and ready to use. This ensures optimum working efficiency and around-the-clock productivity.

The beauty of a charging station lies in its time-saving features. Having one central power hub allows you to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. This eliminates the need to wait for one device to finish before connecting the next.

3. Power Strip

Even if you don't need a charging station when working from home, you'll likely need a high-quality power strip. Most remote workers need a power strip with up to eight outlets. It's helpful if it also has USB ports. This will allow you to power your devices simultaneously without the hassle of using separate charging units. 

Our power strip, for example, is space-saving and energy-efficient. It features a switch that lets you effortlessly turn it off when you're done charging. Furthermore, the generous 70-inch long attached cord provides ample reach and flexibility. That's exactly what you need for a home office desk.

4. Tablet Dock

A tablet dock on your home office desk enables quick, easy access to essential apps and documents while also decluttering your workspace. With a dedicated spot for your tablet, you can free up valuable space, reducing distractions and promoting a more organized environment.

Furthermore, tablet docks allow for seamless multitasking, ensuring you never miss an important notification or deadline. They can also help safeguard your precious device by providing a secure, stable resting place that prevents accidental falls or damage. 

5. Cord Wrap

Imagine the convenience of having your MacBook charger cord neatly organized and tangle-free. A cord wrap does just that while offering the extra benefit of shielding the charger from scratches and dents. However, double-check your charging specs to ensure you purchase a cord wrap designed to fit that charger.

6. Desk Lamp

Using work-from-home desk accessories, such as innovative LED desk lamps with adjustable stands, can assist in directing focus and lighting to your work area. The flexible form of most desk lamps lets you easily angle the lamp over their computer and keyboard without obstructing your view. 

7. Headphone Stand

For busy multitaskers and music enthusiasts, having a pair of headphones nearby is essential for enjoying their favorite tunes, podcasts, or radio stations while accomplishing various tasks. Simply put, headphones are essential to any great home office setup. However, you need somewhere to hang them.

Investing in a specialized stand for your headphones is a practical solution for maintaining a clutter-free desk. They can also help protect your prized headset from potential damage.

8. Ergonomic Keyboard

Imagine sliding your fingers effortlessly across a sleek and comfortable keyboard while working diligently at home on your laptop. An ergonomic keyboard allows you to do just that. They're created with the comfort and productivity of office workers in mind, and they'll ensure your hands and wrists don't suffer after long working hours.

9. Standing Mat

Working at a standing desk offers significant relief from back strain. It's part of why they've become all the rage recently. However, standing for prolonged durations can strain your feet, knees, and legs. This can potentially diminish the benefits of the standing desk.

Fortunately, an anti-fatigue mat is an ideal solution for this problem. It allows you to stand comfortably for extended periods. Standing mats are the perfect accessory for those using standing desks, as they can alleviate discomfort and enhance overall productivity.

10. Microphone

Finally, you likely need a high-quality microphone. In the age of virtual meetings, it can make or break the quality of your audio. You don't have to fork over hundreds of dollars, either. Usually, a decent USB microphone will do. 

This small yet precise computer desk accessory can change the game when creating content, participating in video conferences, or engaging in crystal-clear voice calls with your friends and family.

More Home Office Gadgets

Discover the wonders of a well-organized workspace with Great Useful Stuff. We take pride in offering a remarkable selection of home office organization tools and electronic charging stations designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflow. 

With our top-notch home office accessories, we aim to create a seamless, clutter-free environment that allows you to focus on what truly matters. Feel empowered and inspired as you navigate through our extensive collection of home office accessories that cater to every need and style. 

So, gear up to transform your work-from-home experience and curate a space tailored to boost efficiency and bring out your best. Browse all our home office accessories now.

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