What’s The Difference Between Our 3 Power Hubs?

What’s The Difference Between Our 3 Power Hubs?

The Original Power Hub, The Power Hub Plus, and the Power Hub Ultra

Power Hubs. Redefining Power. Our collection of Power Hubs aim to change the way you charge your devices in a sleek and affordable manner. All of our power hubs are designed to enable you to create an effortlessly organized charging area (whether that be in your office, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom), while also adding charging outlets to ensure all your devices are charged. No more fighting over outlets next to your bed, or moving furniture around to plug in your laptop!

Our mission in creating all of our Power Hubs? We were tired of looking at ugly plastic power strips. Tired of seeing cord chaos under our desks, nightstands, and kitchen counters. Simply said, we wanted to create an upgraded, visually pleasing alternative to standard, utilitarian power strips.

So why do we have 3 different models? Check out the differences, and best uses of each model below!

The Original Power Hub -- First of its kind. Our Original Power Hub is the perfect all-in-one solution to charging. Our patented design packs a lot of power into your desktop with 5-USB Ports and 2-AC Ports. Plug in laptops, desk lamps, printers, etc. into the 2-AC Ports in the back and all your other smaller devices into the 5-USB Ports in the front. Our Hubs are available in 5 decorative finishes to complement any room; Eco-Friendly Bamboo, White Leatherette, Black Leatherette, High Gloss Cherry, and Walnut.
    • Best Use? We love using The Original Power just about anywhere, but it does it’s best work if you’re looking to add extra charging to your Kitchen, Entry Way, Under Desk Area.
    The Power Hub Plus -- Sleek black silicone matches just about any decor. Featuring 5-USB Ports and 2-AC Ports, it can charge up to 7 devices using only ONE wall outlet. Sleek, sexy, functional - what more could you want? 
    • Best Use? Desktop, Office, or Home Office. This charging station not only charges and organizes, but it allows you to actually SEE your devices so you never miss a Zoom call again.
    The Power Hub Ultra -- The perfect bedside charging station has finally arrived. Our new Power Hub Ultra with Alarm Clock is our most powerful charging solution yet, and now features a top of the line, sleek alarm clock. Featuring 4-USB Ports and 2-AC Ports (so you can charge your laptop!), our new Power Hub Ultra can charge up to 6 devices using only ONE wall outlet. These hubs are available in 2 stylish finishes: 100% Eco-Friendly Bamboo or Black Leatherette. 
    • Best Use? Nightstand. This dual charging station and alarm clock clears up space on your precious night stand or table, and simultaneously charges devices in an organized fashion AND wakes you up in the morning. Nothing is better than that!
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