Wine apps you should know about!

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1. Vivino: “Buy the right wine”

  • Suggesting wines (enter your tastes)
  • Scanning a bottle for ratings, info and reviews. Social aspect: Large Wine community: The bottle of Sharecropper that I uploaded had almost 300 reviews


2. Hello Vino:

Great for:

  • Suggesting wines (enter your tastes) and also has a
  • Handy wind guide: How to say “Beauxjolais”! And what one should eat with it (Hello, Steak tartare! Or Hawaiin pizza)
  • Down side: you have to pay to scan your wine label (.99 for 5 wines) So maybe not ideal if your scanning every bottle in the grocery store.



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    3. Wine searcher

    Great for:

    • People who want wine info without having to sign up! (In example: you're 5 minutes away from knowing what you grabbed off the shelf) Plenty of info including ratings, but a smaller community of users giving ratings (25 rated on the bottle of Sharecroppers)  Info includes: Pairings, Price history, notes on the producer, and vintages
    • Finding the closest wine shop: (and compare prices.)
    • Different from the other apps, it had wine related news articles.


    4. Vino veritas:

    • Couldn’t find our wines via barcode scan.  (pink ombre) SO I gave up.
    • Lots of “Thanks for your pateience” popups, due to Inventories are on third party websites.
    • Good for: finding/ discovering wine



    • Saves scans. One of the biggest apps, doesn’t show reviews.
    • I was able to scan my bottle and receive winemaker notes, regional notes, and similar wines.
    • Mostly it felt like their website.


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    6. Unwine: for those to love to read reviews

    • Great for those who want be part of a wine community.

    • Feels like a facebook for wine enthusiants. The first screen is a feed of other user’s wine experiences, including their wine-influenced photos.
    • Has merit badges and stuff, go premium for $2.99/month.
    • Cons: Doesn’t have the wine scanner feature, not much other info on wines. Your options are to “add to wishlist” or “discard” a wine based off a photo of its label. But all 6 six wines I put on my wishlist had no reviews yet, and only name of producer and price.

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