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Medium Cable Cubby - Black Leatherette

Medium Cable Cubby - Black Leatherette

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Add 8 A/C + 3 USB Power Strip?

Our Cable Cubby solves cord chaos by neatly hiding unattractive power strips, adapters, and excess cords from piling up on your floors or cluttering your desk. Weave all wires through the three mouse holes in the back of the unit to charge or power any electronic devices - from computers and routers to lamps and printers. 


  • Decorative Cable Box With No Plastic -- Say goodbye to cheap and bulky plastic cable management systems, and instead, say hello to the sleek and functional Cord Cubby. Our easy-to-use Cord Cubby is the best cord organizer on the market because it not only manages your chargers effectively, but also adds a little luxury to any home office, TV room, living room, or den.
  • The Best Cord Management -- Our Cord Cubby solves cord chaos effectively. Other models have EVERY cord exiting the management system in the same place, which causes tangles and confusion. Our unique design has 3 easy-to-use mouse holes in the back of the unit to charge or power all of your devices - from computers and routers to lamps and printers. 
  • Uniquely Hides Power Strip For A Clutter Free Look -- Our Cord Cubby creates a truly clean and organized space - with 3 mouse holes in the back of the station and a specially designed 2-inch side slit that creates the perfect power-strip exit way, our Cord Cubby unobtrusively provides an optimal clutter-free look. 
  • Cubby's Lid Doubles As A Charging Station -- The lid of our Cable Cubby doubles as a tray for smartphones and other small devices. Simply plug in your device, set your device on top of the cubby, and voila, you have a unique charging tray already set up! 
  • Stylish and Decorative Finishes -- Our Cable Cubby comes in 2 elegant finishes: Black Leatherette and Eco-Friendly Bamboo. Both our finishes are designed to match virtually any home or office decor. 
  • Dimensions -- Our Cable Cubby is available in two sizes: medium and large. Our Large Cable Cubby is ideal for placing on the floor under a desk or table, while our Medium Cable Cubby is perfect for a desktop or table. Our Medium Cable Cubby measures 10" L x 5.5" W x 5.5" H and our Large Cable Cubby measures 15.5"L x 5.5"W x 5.5" H. 
  • Designed by GUS in California
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