About GUS and Blockware LLC

 About Us

Great Useful Stuff is a boutique-style online retailer based out of Sonoma, CA.  With a refined selection of home and lifestyle products that all feature a stylish aesthetic, ultimate functionality, and universal application, GUS has the solutions to every modern household's needs. The products featured on the site follow a simple set of criteria: if it's great, if it's useful--it's got to be GUS.

GUS prides itself on carrying top-of-the-line, cutting-edge products from today's hottest designers. GUS offers its customers a unique online experience by allowing them to search for products by room (kitchen, bedroom, bath, etc.), to fit a lifestyle (work-from-home), and even by solutions to common problems (kids' room chaos, tech/travel trauma, linen closet avalanche, etc.). By offering these specialized choices and catering specifically to the needs of the modern household, GUS stands apart from the competition to deliver an experience unlike any other.

Quick Facts:

Founded in 2010 by Jeffrey Block
More than 300 unique products made exclusively by Great Useful Stuff
Products featured in Real Simple, Gizmodo, CBS Early Show, Good Housekeeping, and more!

About Great Useful Stuff and Kangaroom Storage:

Founded in 2003, Great Useful Stuff is a design and home organization company that creates a wide array of products for retailers nationwide. In 2006, Blockware launched their in-house brand of organizing products called Kangaroom Storage. Since then, Kangaroom Storage has gained international recognition as an innovative creator or organizing solutions for home, office, technology, and travel, and have garnered press coverage for their award-winning products.  Kangaroom's Recycle Bags were nominated this year for The Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Product at the Los Angeles NAPO Awards.